Planning Your Light Rail Trip in the Valley of the Sun

Valley Metro is responsible for the development and operation of the region’s high-capacity transit system. While operating the 20-mile light rail starter line that opened in December 2008, Valley Metro has also begun planning, design and construction of the 40 additional miles of high-capacity/light rail transit which will be completed by 2034. You can take a look at the future transit corridors on the Valley Metro website. Click here to learn more about Valley Metro and its history.

Friends of Transit has been involved in supporting local businesses along the future transit corridors during the construction phase in partnership with local governments and the Valley Metro business assistance program. Check out our FOT events page for more information on our support of local businesses on the line.

Riding the Train 101

Planning Your Trip
Taking public transit can be intimidating if you’ve never used it before. Valley Metro offers a number of online resources to help you plan your trip and feel prepared.

Plan your trip using the Valley Metro Trip Planner. While on the trip planner webpage, you can also use the Valley Metro system map to get the lay of the land and view the most current route schedules and maps. Be sure to understand the route schedules for each leg of your trip and the hours of operation for all modes of public transit you plan to take.

Are you an app person? Check out Valley Metro’s list of online tools. They’re easy to download and use with your smart device. Not an app person? You can download the most current transit book online.

Paying Your Fare
Valley Metro Rail, Valley Metro LINK and local buses share the same fare structure. Check out the Valley Metro website for more details on all of the fare options.

Light Rail Fares may be purchased four different ways – click on each option to get details on how to purchase your transit pass.


Retail Fare Sales Locations – throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area

At Fare Vending Machines –  located at each light rail station and select LINK stations

On the Bus – Save Time and Money by Purchasing your Pass Before Boarding the Bus!

Getting on Board

How to Ride the Train Once you’ve planned your trip and purchased your transit pass, there are some items to note when you get on board.

  • Arrive at the light rail station at least five minutes before your train is scheduled to depart. Activate your pass before boarding and keep your pass as proof of payment. Certain passes need to be validated before each trip.
  • If you have a bike – Bicycle symbols indicate the doors nearest to the bicycle rack located inside the train. Bike racks are available on a first come, first-served basis. If the bicycle rack on the train is full or you are unable to load your bicycle into the rack, you may stand with your bicycle as long as you do not block the aisle or doorway. You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle. For safety reasons, the operator cannot leave the cabin to assist you. See all the tips for bringing a bike with you when you ride the bus on the Valley Metro website.
  • Let others exit before boarding. Find a seat or a secure place to stand if a seat is not available.
  • Signs on the front and side of the train show the train’s final destination. Trains stop at every station and upcoming stops are announced on the train.
  • Doors open and close automatically. Exit through any door quickly when you reach your destination.

Want More Information?
You can find information on Valley Metro policies for riding Light Railtransit centerspark-and-ridesaccessibility andsafety on the Valley Metro website.

You can also visit Valley Metro’s FAQ page  for a list of questions frequently asked by riders or contact their customer service representatives directly.

Looking for a List of Local Destinations?
Check out a list of local destinations  you can get to with public transit. Plan your adventure today!

Airport Connections
Using public transit to connect to Sky Harbor International Airport?

Connect to Sky Harbor International Airport via PHX Sky Train® at the 44th St/Washington light rail station or with Valley Metro bus routes 1 and 44.

The PHX Sky Train® is a free service connecting travelers from the 44th St/Washington light rail station to all terminals and East Economy parking. Learn about Sky Train by clicking here.