South Central Light Rail Extension Project Update - Get Engaged

September 14, 2018
Friends of Transit

Friends of Transit:

As you know, there is an opposition effort that could significantly delay, or possibly kill the South Central Light Rail Extension project (SCE ) altogether.

After much public debate and multiple Phoenix City Council meetings in which public comment was heard, Council directed Valley Metro to analyze and present information to the public on a two-lane and four-lane configuration for the project.

Currently, a series of six public meetings is scheduled to begin this week to provide more information on the two-lane and four-lane analysis and Valley Metro and city of Phoenix have invited the community to attend any of the upcoming community meetings to discuss the South Central Light Rail Extension. Information will be provided about the project, with a focus on the differences between two-lane and four-lane street designs. Topics that will be discussed at all meetings include traffic flow, bike lanes and sidewalks.

Click here to view a schedule and additional details for the public meetings.

In addition, you are also able to provide online comment on the South Central Extension on the Valley Metro website. Please click here to visit the South Central Extension project page and provide comments online.

We have also been informed that the FTA has requested a vote of confidence from the Phoenix City Council in order to allow the project to progress. It is likely that this vote of the Phoenix City Council will take place at a Formal Council meeting shortly after the conclusion of the public meetings on the SCE.

If you care about the SCE and want to see the project move forward, you need to get informed and take action.

It is important for people to become educated on the project and make their positions known. 

If you would like to show your support for the SCE, please contact the Mayor and your City Council member.

Please also plan to attend an SCE community meeting so that you can get informed, ask questions and provide comment.

If your schedule permits, please watch for additional updates on this important vote of the Phoenix City Council and plan to attend the meeting.

We wanted you to be aware of these items, so that you can inform yourself and take action if you feel compelled. If you do, please feel free to forward this information to others and make sure the Mayor and Council know your feelings