South Central Light Rail Extension in JEOPARDY!!! Council Meeting on Wednesday

April 3, 2018

Friends of Transit -

You may have heard about efforts that could significantly delay, or possibly kill the South Central Light Rail Extension (SCE).  Accordingly, we wanted to provide you with the facts and information on how you can take action if you are so inclined.
A small group of people near the South Central Light Rail Extension has been stirring up opposition and spreading misinformation about the SCE project and its safety. 

Recently, the City of Phoenix received a Citizen Petition requesting that the City Council “consider and enact within 15 days a resolution, ordinances, or measure that assures South Central Avenue will remain with four vehicular lanes of traffic with light rail expansion and suspend further development until this is resolved.”  In short, the petitioner is requesting that Central Avenue remain as four lanes of traffic.  If the petitioner prevails and the City Council accepts the petition, it would require that the entire SCE project start over, which would put the entire project at risk of losing federal funding.

At a minimum, a vote to change the alignment or scope of the SCE project will delay the project for several years; it is also quite possible that these action will kill the project entirely.
There is a lengthy staff report from the City detailing the level of public involvement, engineering studies and design work, pre-construction work, federal involvement and City Council actions during the past few years - including the City Council vote to approve the lane configuration in November 2014.

Click here for the City of Phoenix staff report about the SCE project (Item 100, page 568). This document will provide you with FACTS about the SCE project.  The Phoenix City Council will hear this issue as an “Add On” item at tomorrow’s (Wednesday 4/4) Formal Council Meeting at 2:30 p.m.  The City Council meets in the City Council Chambers located at 200 West Jefferson.
It is important for people to become educated on the issue and make their positions known

We know the SCE project opponents will be making their voices heard at City Hall tomorrow.

If you are inclined, please contact the Mayor and your City Council member. If your schedule permits, please attend the Phoenix City Council meeting to let them know your position on this project.

David Schwartz
Executive Director
Friends of Transit